'christopher-james robert warrington'

hi, i have four names with one hyphen and am an illustrator | designer | handletter-er currently working for kimberton whole foods as visual coordinator & chief creative for 5 stores. i have a bfa in illustration from the university of the arts, winner of the super star award nov. '94 for telling a funny "knock knock" joke and a fourth grade class treasurer runner up...
oh, and i have an orange bicycle!

things i enjoy:
comic books, cinema, daydreaming, soft pretzels, the woods, and of course my dog! 

things i do not care for:
coffee, getting splinters, chewing gum, eating red meat & pulp in my orange juice

my work's been described as:
"you can see nuances from works of the 1950's and 60's... everything has a whimsical touch and usually an altered reality in both context and color... it's like seeing a world through his eyes" - loco publishing


if you'd like to work together, say hello!